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JANUARY     2 TUESDAY        AUCTION                           4:00PM-6:30PM

                16 TUESDAY        AUCTION                           cancelled

                29 MONDAY         AUCTION                          4:00PM-6:30PM


FEBRUARY   5 MONDAY         AUCTION                          4:00PM-6:30PM

               20 TUESDAY         AUCTION                          4:00PM-6:30PM


MARCH       4 MONDAY         AUCTION                          4:00PM-6:30PM

               18 MONDAY         AUCTION                          4:00PM-6:30PM


APRIL           1 MONDAY   AUCTION                              4:00PM-6:30PM

                 15 MONDAY   AUCTION                              4:00PM-6:30PM

                 29 MONDAY   AUCTION                              4:00PM-6:30PM


MAY            5 MONDAY   AUCTION                               4:00PM-6:30PM

                 20 MONDAY  AUCTION                               4:00PM-6:30PM


JUNE            3 MONDAY   AUCTION                               4:00PM-6:30PM

                 17 MONDAY   COLD BUFFET SUPPER             4:00PM-6:30PM


JULY            1 MONDAY   AUCTION                               4:00PM-6:30PM

                 15 MONDAY   AUCTION                               4:00PM-6:30PM            

                 29 MONDAY   AUCTION                               4:00PM-6:30PM


AUGUST       5 MONDAY   AUCTION                                4:00PM-6:30PM

                 19 MONDAY   AUCTION                                4:00PM-6:30PM


SEPTEMBER  3 TUESDAY  AUCTION                                4:00PM-6:30PM

                 16 MONDAY  AUCTION                                4:00PM-6:30PM

                 30 MONDAY  AUCTION                                4:00PM-6:30PM


OCTOBER     7 MONDAY   AUCTION                                4:00PM-6:30PM

                 21 MONDAY   AUCTION                                4:00PM-6:30PM


NOVEMBER   4 MONDAY        AUCTION                           4:00PM-6:30PM

                 18 MONDAY       AUCTION                            4:00PM-6:30PM


DECEMBER    4 MONDAY        AUCTION                           4:00PM-6:30PM

                 16 MONDAY        ANNUAL MEETING               4:00PM-7:00PM


Directions To The Recreation Center:          


GSP North Exit #154 to RT 46 East to Piaget Ave to Main Ave

GSP South Exit #157 to RT 46 West to Crooks Ave to Main Ave

NYC Port Auth. – NJ Transit Bus 190 DIRECT, stops at Rec. Center


Directions To The Senior Center:


Via Colfax Avenue: From the Broad Street area, proceed down Colfax Ave passing over the parkway, passing Cambridge Crossings on your left and Clifton High School on your right.  The entrance to the City Hall Complex is on your right just past the high school exit marked by a large sign.  Turn right into the complex and follow the road to your first right “Dog Pound Road”.  This will allow you access to parking behind the building.


From Clifton Ave area, proceed down Colfax Avenue passing over the railroad tracks.  The entrance to the Complex will be on your left just past the tracks.  Follow the road to your first right “Dog Pound Road”.  This will allow you access to parking behind the building.


Via Van Houten Avenue: From Clifton Avenue area, proceed down Van Houten Ave to City Hall Complex entrance on your right.  Proceed down the complex road to “Dog Pound Road” on your left.  This will allow access to the parking behind the building.


Route 80 East/West: Take Route 19 South exit.  Route 19 eventually becomes Broad Street.  After passing under Route 46, use the jug handle at the right to access Colfax Ave.  Follow directions above.


Route 46 West:  Take the Broad Street Clifton exit.  After passing under Route 46, use the jug handle at the right to access Colfax Ave.  Follow directions above.


Route 46 East:  Take the Broad Street Clifton exit.  Pass straight across Broad Street to Colfax Ave.  Follow directions above.


Route 3 West:  Take Broad Street exit.  Make a right hand turn to Allwood Road getting into the left lane and proceed through one traffic light to the next light which is Clifton Ave.  Make a left staying in the left lane.  Proceed to the third traffic light (Van Houten Ave) approximately 1 mile and make a left turn.  Follow Van Houten Avenue directions from above.


Route 3 East:  Take Broad Street exit.  Make a left to Broad Street. Pass through 2 traffic lights.  At the third light make a right turn to Colfax Avenue and follow directions from above.








Contact Me

To get in touch, please call 973 471 7872 .  Our meeting address is


Clifton Stamp Society


Clifton, NJ 07013


Our mailing address is:


Clifton Stamp Society

Recreation Department

City Hall Complex

900 Clifton Avenue

Clifton NJ 07013


Latest News


Our hope is that 2024 will build on the progress of last year.  We are trying to do two shows this year as stated in our show schedule. Our dealers thank you for your past patronage and look forward to serving you once again. 



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